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Explore the unrivalled history, rich culture and immense natural beauty of India by embarking on an exciting road journey. Whether it?s the holy city of pushkar, enchanting Bikanar, joyful Manali, spellbinding Delhi, historical Jaipur or sacred Amritsar, each place has unique attractions that have been favourite among tourists from years.

Get mesmerised at the sight of towering mountain peaks, pristine beaches, old forts, magnificent palaces, sacred shrines and a comprehensive collection of centuries-old artefacts at museums. These time-honoured places of interest speak at length about the diversity of the country, in terms of geography, communities as well as religion.

While on a bus journey, discover these and much more to the fullest. The charm is not going to end with these attractions; but accentuates with a walk through the local markets, which have an array of shops and stalls selling exquisite handmade articles.

Bus tour packages also give the opportunity to take short halts at regular intervals, thus offering chances to know the area better. Drive through the wide and narrow roads; some replete with greenery and some along the sparkling water bodies, and make the tour a memorable one.

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